Eindhoven Leert (literally Eindhoven Learns)

For socially involved businesses

The thousands of volunteers and caregivers active in Eindhoven results in a caring city. Volunteers and caregivers cement the community into something greater than the sum of its parts and for that they deserve recognition. In Eindhoven exist several services aimed at promoting and showing our appreciation for volunteers and caregivers.

Eindhoven Waardeert (currently defunct)
In collaboration with socially involved businesspeople, organizations and the city of Eindhoven, Eindhoven Doet and Steunpunt Mantelzorg Verlicht organize 'Eindhoven Waardeert'. A campaign which offers volunteers and caregivers special discounts, promotions and sales, as a sign of appreciation. The offers pertain to products, sport and recreational activities, workshops and professional development.

Eindhoven Leert (literally Eindhoven Learns)

The volunteers academy is a platform aimed at the professional development of volunteers and caregivers in Eindhoven and allows them to sign up for various workshops. These workshops and their venues are provided free of charge by Eindhoven Doet in cooperation with the volunteer organizations and the business community of Eindhoven as well as the Rotary Eindhoven-Welschap.