Concerning expenses

Occasionally volunteers are reimbursed for their expenses made as a result of the volunteer work. Examples are travel allowance, paper costs, stamp fees, etc. Sporadically host organizations will provide a small allowance for work done.

It is up to the volunteers organizations to decide if expenses will be reimbursed. The allowances themselves, however, are bound by rules and regulations from both the IRS and benefit agencies. Click here for more information (this website is in Dutch) .

Verklaring omtrent gedrag (Certificate of good conduct)

From a safety standpoint organizations directed towards minors or the mentally disabled may require a so-called Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG) or Certificate of Good Conduct. This allows the justice department to investigate whether the applicant has committed any crimes which could form a risk for the function described in the application. This is specifically directed towards prevention of (sexual) abuse.

You can request a VOG via the 'Inwonersplein' of the municipality of Eindhoven or in collaboration with your volunteering organization via mail or digitally at the 'Centraal Orgaan Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag' (COVOG) of the justice department.

If the organization is a member of the 'regeling gratis verklaring omtrent gedrag' or regulation free certificate of good conduct, volunteers of this organization can request a VOG free of charge.