What is volunteer work?

Volunteer work is a form of unpaid non-obligatory community service and

  • serves the general good of a particular social interest
  • is not profit orientated.
  • doesn't influence the job market, nor does it replace existing paid employment.

Types of volunteer work

Volunteer work comes in all shapes and sizes. You can volunteer for a single day or be active throughout the week; you can do just one thing, or volunteer for multiple jobs simultaneously; you can take on simple or difficult tasks; you can work alone or with your colleagues and friends. You can indicate all your preferences by using the search options in the job database.

Group activities
Not interested in working alone? Why not volunteer as a group with all your friends or colleagues? For instance, help repair district facilities, provide a day's entertainment for the elderly, or aid an organization with your expertize. Interested? Contact Stichting Present for more information.

Starting your own initiative
Do you have an idea of your own to improve your neighborhood, but are you unsure on how to start, who to contact, or how to subsidize it? For more information about starting your own initiative click here.

Voluntary agreement

As a volunteer it is important to make clear arrangements with the host organization. By creating a volunteers agreement you can establish what you and the organization can expect from each other.

In this agreement you can record:

  • Job content
  • Working hours and total time allocated
  • Guidance and training
  • Rights and obligations
  • Possible expense reimbursement


As a volunteer in Eindhoven you are automatically insured for the duration of your volunteer work, via a collective 'vrijwilligersverzekering' or volunteers' insurance purchased by the municipality of Eindhoven.

Volunteers are insured for:

  • Private liability
  • Accidents and personal property
  • Legal aid
  • Traffic liability