Vacature details Are you the female presenter, we are looking for?

Gezondheid Nederland, Stichting is looking for

Female Presenter/Host

Volunteer work, Social internshipOngoing

Function description

We will be creating English training videos, where you will be responsible for the introduction of about 20-30 seconds.

Can you be our representative in this video, not shy in front of the camera and have a professional appearance?

Good or fluent English level is required and optionally experience in front of the camera.

If this is you, then don’t hesitate to contact us!

Required skills

Practical, Analyse, Creative, Filming/Photograph/Music, Collaborating

Minimal level of education


Target group

No specific target group

Name organization

Gezondheid Nederland, Stichting


Social organization


The Foundation will make videos of all health-related topics. The approach is to make them with a self-help program. The proceeds from the sold videos are used again for the production of new and even better videos. Each video has the aim to help people with information to get rid of their complaints or – even better – to prevent these symptoms present themselves, in a cost friendly way.

Core activity

Writing and making health topics visible. Motto, ' for people, by people '.


Stefan Rooyackers