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Werkgroep Eindhoven~Kobanê is looking for

Publicity and social media

Volunteer workOngoing

Function description

Posting messages and photos on Facebook and possibly other social media. Making news reports and photos. Helping in getting support and attention for our workgroup.

Required skills

Thinking, Practical, Analyse, Communicating and coaching, Creative, Filming/Photograph/Music, Learning, Working methodically, Collaborating, Painting/writing, Work independently

Minimal level of education

Academic, College, MBO, VWO


Colaborating in a spirited, multicultural group in Eindhoven and life artists in northern Syria. Get in contact with interesting people and organizations and get the chance to mean more for an often forgotten group of people (handicapped children) in a forgotten city. There is also a possibility to visit northern Syria.

Target group

No specific target group

Name organization

Werkgroep Eindhoven~Kobanê


Volunteer organization


Working Group Eindhoven ~ Kobanê wants to be a bridge between the communities in both regions. In the winter of 2014/15 Kobanê was almost completely destroyed. The Working Group has been set up after some visits. It is now safe enough and ca. 100,000 inhabitants have returned to the ruins to build a democratic and multicultural society. Women in particular play an important role. We would like to work together with these people to build a world in which human rights are respected and where children's have a future.

Core activity

The women's Council of Kobanê has opened a school for disabled children. The name of the school is ' Hîvî ' this means hope. The women ask: ' donate money for children’s education. Tell our story to the world, so that Kobanê will not be forgotten


Constance van Dorp


0402012052 / 0627248612