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New Beginning, Stichting is looking for

Volunteer supporting immigrant

Volunteer workTemporarily

Function description

You will engage for at least six months to meet an immigrant every fourteen days. You will be planning activities such as hiking or visiting a museum. You will be talking Dutch with the immigrant. You will be exchanging experiences, exploring each other’s worlds and everything that happens in your own city or municipality.

Required skills

Thinking, Practical, Analyse, Creative, Organising, Working methodically, Collaborating, Work independently

Minimal level of education

College, MBO, VWO, High school, Vmbo, Primary school, Unschooled

Target group

Migrants, Elderly, Refugees/Asylum-seekers, Women

Name organization

New Beginning, Stichting


Volunteer organization


We help people with financial difficulties to participate well in society. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance. We sell second hand clothes and toys for a low price. With the turnover, we can set up various activities, such as theme nights, cultural day care and more. You can support us with these activities to give a family a second chance.

Core activity

The Foundation ‘New Beginning’ is a foundation that offers second chance to people in need.


Phelecia Williams